#1.1 Georgia Spickett-Jones

3 December 2015
10 January 2016

(b. 1992, Bristol)

Each month, IT IS PROBABLY BETTER TO START FROM ZERO presents an artist using the Window Space as a catalyst to the production and continuity of their own work. The first manifestation of the project happens through the practice of Georgia Spickett-Jones. Her ongoing practice deals with questions of the fictionalisation of archival material and identity politics. Combining personal stories with cultural histories, Georgia focuses on display as a mediator of those relationships that exist between subject, object and the viewer. This exhibition is yet another extension of IS IT ARROGANT TO USE HIS HAT?, displayed previously in June 2015 at Wimbledon College of Art, now inhabiting the window to further develop.

Georgia Spickett-Jones (b. 1992, Bristol) uses multiple forms and reflexive methods to consider the limitations of an archival art practice. IS IT ARROGANT TO USE HIS HAT? (2015) is an on-going project using personal artefacts, pseudo-science and curatorial hierarchies to uncover the author as both subject and object. She holds a BA (Hons) Fine Art: Print and Time-based Media at Wimbledon College of Art (2013-2015).