#2.2 Juan Crespo

5 May 2016
29 May 2016

(b. 1987, Zaragoza)

After marking its mid-point with #0.2 Workshop, IT IS PROBABLY BETTER TO START FROM ZERO presents a second intervention by each of the four artists exhibited previously, over the next four months. By coming back into the Window Space, the artists present the progress of their ongoing research and practice, taking into account the effects of their relation with the curators, the other artists and the space itself. For the second manifestation of Diaspora of the Line, a poliedric archive accesible on-line at http://diasporaoftheline.tumblr.com, Juan focuses on architecture as a colonial tool to neutralise local imaginary in Africa. This presentation is concerned about how the historical fact is represented and transmitted, rather than the history in itself. Construction materials or building ornaments are some of the elements used to rethink the decolonial process of British Institutions and Museums. Humor and anecdote introduce a disruptive grammar used to analyse the content provided by official video databases, such as Imperial War Museum or British Film Institute.

Juan Crespo (b. 1987, Zaragoza) lives and works in London. He graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, where he also studied the MA in Artistic Production and Research. He has recently shown works in Barcelona (Sala d’Art Jove, ARSM or Loop Video Art Festival), Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Santander, “Biennal Leandre Cristófol” La Panera, Lleida and Festival Cine-Septiembre, Sinaloa, México. He is Co-Founder of PIL Project, presented at London Metropolitan University, and now part of the Digital Artist Residency within the Wrong Biennale. PIL Project has recently been granted in Step Beyond to develop a research project in the Russia’s new internet content law.