#3.2 Inês Marques

2 June 2016
3 July 2016

(b. 1990, Lisbon)

After marking its mid-point with #0.2 Workshop, IT IS PROBABLY BETTER TO START FROM ZERO presents a second intervention by each of the four artists exhibited previously, over the next four months. By coming back into the Window Space, the artists present the progress of their ongoing research and practice, taking into account the eects of their relation with the curators, the other artists and the space itself. For her second display, Inês presents Digestion, a humorous continuation of her previous installation Blend In. It follows the questions raised before regarding globalisation and its input towards a future hegemonized world. Culture, language, religion, demographic presence, ideology and economic expropriation are all part of an ‘alimentary bolus’ that dismantles physically, in smaller pieces, for the possibility of a digestion. To digest something is to acknowledge that it comes as a pre-processed reality of something that is already past and it was raised within a system that is not only ours; there is a need to acknowledge it as a collective digestive organism. This display will be a place to rethink how generations re-evaluate previous generations’ decisions and how they are processed in a fast-forward thinking world. It intends to raise awareness to how this decision making process shapes our world and how it can be questioned.

Inês Marques (b. 1990, Lisbon) is a London based designer. She has completed a BA in Multimedia Arts - Installation and Performance at the Fine Arts University of Lisbon, Portugal and is currently undertaking an MA Material Futures at Central Saint Martins – University Arts of London, aimed at engaging designers to have a critical and social point of view whilst developing their projects. She was involved in the MAE’ Artist Residents in Sesimbra and worked in collaboration with FAZ – a young collective group at Arpad Szenes and Vieira da Silva Museum, Lisbon. Her work has recently been shown at PROTECHT exhibition at The Cass Bank Gallery and undertook the role of tutor/designer in Concept Catwalk, a project in collaboration with V&A, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and fashion designer Nicky Vu for students of Prendergast Hilly Fields College.