#4.2 Lauren Goldie

7 July 2016
1 August 2016

(b. 1993, Stockport)

After marking its mid-point with #0.2 Workshop, IT IS PROBABLY BETTER TO START FROM ZERO presents a second intervention by each of the four artists exhibited previously, over the next four months. By coming back into the Window Space, the artists present the progress of their ongoing research and practice, taking into account the effects of their relation with the curators, the other artists and the space itself. Since her previous installation, Goldie has been exploring the effects of working with degenerative materials. Her latest collection of sculptures 'Obscured Artefacts' are built in fragments, allowing each structure to be arranged and rearranged, depending on their environment. Her work takes notice of the negative space and the complexity of the missing object, questioning the impact on the remaining sculpture. Visualising the absent space stems from an amalgamation of elements taken from the artist's work on light projections.
Goldie creates a sculpted design from microcrystalline wax, which is melted away from the main body of the structure. The wax is then set into plaster and polystyrene segments and cast into triangular forms, a shape that was used in her previous installations to represent the formation of light. It has been important that the rituals and processes of an object are understood by the audience. By presenting a visual timeline within the display, Goldie hopes that the viewer will piece together the journey each structure has made.